Fantastically petty grievances with video games

Everyone has petty grievances in life. Whether it's a sudden gust of wind after you've spent all morning raking the autumn leaves, or it's when you put your ruler down on a table and then can't get your nails underneath it to pick it up again, we all come across fantastically unimportant issues in our day to day lives that for whatever reason really get our goat.

Video games are no different. So what I'm interested in are the petty, inconsequential issues you run into in some of your favourite games. No game breaking bugs, no plot holes you could drive a Mako through. Nothing terribly important. Just fantastically petty grievances.


To get the ball rolling, I'm going to tell you about the one that I came across that inspired me to ask this question. Playing Fallout: New Vegas last night I was speaking to an NPC who then asked that I follow him. He started walking, and so I followed. I ran four steps until I was touching his back. Then I let him walk for a bit. Then I ran four steps and was touching his back. Then I waited again. Then I went and stole some wine and bottle caps from a bartender before following some more. As he was shuffling up the stairs I kept jumping to try and stand on the hand rail. Eventually we reached our destination.

You see, this guy walked slowly. I walk quickly. Why don't they make NPC characters walk at the same pace that I'm walking? Not only does it make sense to keep the characters close to one another so the player doesn't get lost, but also, purely on aesthetic and realism levels, it would surely help to make the world a little more believable.

It's one of my recurring grievances with video games. I naturally like it when things look right. If I'm asked to walk with someone in a game, I will walk with them rather than dick about because it looks right. It keeps me in character. It makes the world seem more like a world inhabited by actual beings rather than just a playground based on rules and algorithms built from ones and zeroes.

In real life, if we were walking somewhere I'd be walking by your side and engaging in casual conversation. I wouldn't be running circles around you over and over again, jumping on tables, repeatedly crouching and standing up straight, or performing commando dives behind you while I wait for you to get where you're going. Throw me a bone here, developers. I'm doing my bit to make your world a little more believable. The least you could do is hold up your end of the deal.


What petty grievances do you have with video games? What winds you up that probably shouldn't? What do you just wish developers would get right?

Hit me up.

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