I was just thinking about the PS4 and how it seems to be a much more socially focussed system than we're accustomed to. We've seen, or been told, how users will be able to join their friends game and watch what they're doing. And that's cool.

Except I was just thinking about how this could lead to some potentially very awkward situations.


Take for example, Metal Gear Solid. In one of the games, there's a trophy for doing some unsavoury things while looking, close up, at a poster of a girl in her undercrackers. What if, just as you get into the swing of things, your pal Terry pops up and sees what you're up to? Sure, you can explain it, and he may or may not believe you, but it's still going to be a very awkward little talk, isn't it?

Basically, I don't want my girlfriend looking over my virtual shoulder while I'm taking photographs of Laughing Octopus in Metal Gear Solid 4. I don't want anybody to pop up watching me any time Miranda Lawson is on screen in Mass Effect and the camera drops to the perfect arse viewing height. And I don't want anyone seeing me do anything on Catherine ever. It's the new console equivalent of your mother walking into your room unexpectedly while you're watching Baywatch on mute.

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