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I was just thinking about the PS4 and how it seems to be a much more socially focussed system than we're accustomed to. We've seen, or been told, how users will be able to join their friends game and watch what they're doing. And that's cool.

Having played Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Witch for just over forty hours now, I've seen my fair share clever word play, but my current favourite is one that might escape players who aren't from the UK. Slight spoilers!

So, is there any danger of Persona 4: Arena being released in Europe at any time? I'm hankering for some Persona 4 love that doesn't involve me buying a PS2 or a PSVita.

I'm having a look on the old interwebs here but I'm not seeing anything; does anybody have any ideas if Persona 3: FES is going to get a PSN release in Europe? I know it's on the US store, but all this P4: Golden talk has got me wanting a Persona fix and there's none to be had. Damned non-backwards compatible PS3.